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Photoset 021 - Teresa
Screen grabs. What can you say about our Tess, soaked in yellow and lilac? Awesomely sexy, and with the sort of legs that should never, ever, be covered up. Tess thinks wetlook is super fun, but can't help trying to strip. We take pity on her in this set, and let her rip her blouse open. However you won't see much until the video is released shortly, bet you can't wait? (60 photos)
Photoset 022 - Louise
Screen grabs, captured from the Strangely Strange movie. This is Louise's first ever wet movie- and it left us breathless! Dressed in a long red skirt, white blouse and soap. An absolute natural, completely "in the groove" when it comes to doing wetlook. A girl who's going to be playing a large part in future Styx videos - you'll love her! (36 photos)

Photoset 023 - Jo May
New girl Jo. She enjoys a sensual shower and then a soak in her white blouse and plum skirt. Beautiful shots of her underwear through the sheer blouse. (116 photos)
Photoset 024 - Lana Cox
Beautiful Lana soaking her red business suit, white poloneck sweater, stockings and white underwear. First in the shower and then soaping in the tub. (168 photos)

Photoset 025 - Diana
A pleasant afternoon by the river for Diana and I. Wearing a swish white suit (which she wanted to lay claim to, for going out in), Diana slowly wets that and her brilliant red shirt, eventually swimming and fully immersing under the water. The best bit about this shoot is the part nobody will ever see- after completing the shoot I packed away my cameras and called Diana in to get dry. She came to the riverbank, stood chatting for a few minutes then decided to go back again - just for fun! What a lovely end to a perfect day, just sitting watching a beautiful woman playing fully clothed in the river, heaven! (124 photos)
Photoset 026 - Natalie
First appearance on Styx for naughty Natalie. One of the most "up for it" models we've ever met. You've going to see lots and lots of Natalie in the future! This time she's in the shower wearing her own blue evening dress, long gloves and matching shoes. Of course Natalie's dress goes totally transparent- well she wouldn't have it any other way! (76 photos)

Photoset 027 - Katie
Clumsy Katie again. This time walking along the riverbank when her shoe lets her down and she slips into the water. Then the shoe floats away and she has to wade out to get it. Sitting on a rock to put the shoe back on, Katie discovers all dirt on her suit, so she has to wash it off. Oh dear Katie, don't bother - just get in there and get wet! So she does - and swims underwater too. (85 photos)

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Photoset 028 - Lana and Teresa
Sparks fly when Styx's two raunchiest models take a bath together! Lana starts by pouring almost a whole bottle of shampoo over Teresa's long blonde hair. Great action as this pair soap and soak each other, finally getting up close and personal as they rinse under the shower together. (127 photos)

Photoset 029 - Jo May
Jo May returning to the shower, wearing a red kaftan, panties and stockings, plus a pair of black boots. Lots of great boot filling shots plus for those who like wet lingerie- yummy. (83 photos)

Photoset 030 - Louise
Louise taking a shower wearing a smart silver mini dress. She's a girl who's totally at ease in the water- and it shows. Lot's of nice underwear and stocking shots in this set. (64 photos)

Photoset 031 - Esta
Esta, all in white, shoes, trousers, shirt and bra, has an al fresco shower in the local waterfall. Esta just loves the water drive through her clothes as she sits under it. (55 photos)

Photoset 032 - Rachael
Cute little Rachael returns for an outdoor set - a skimpy little pink cocktail dress gets thoroughly soaked in the river. (59 photos)
Photoset 033 - Diana
Diana makes a welcome return. This time the lovely lady is in the swimming pool wearing a white skirt suit. (96 photos)

Photoset 034 - Jo May
You saw a brief glimpse of this some weeks ago and it knocked you out. Now, for members only, the complete set of Jo May in white and red in the shower. (91 photos)

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Photoset 035 - Tammy
Few girls have caused such a stir as Tammy. She's absolutely drop dead cute. However she is also one raunchy little lady too! In this set she's wearing all black and empties several bottles of shampoo over herself, before getting herself in a real lather. (91 photos)

Photoset 036 - Melody
Melody, who normally appears in the river all the time, is allowed to cut loose in some warmer water in the pool- and she relishes it! Melody's white top goes completely see through (no bra) and the red skirt clings like mad when it's wet. Full immersion too- well, she does it in the river- the pool is easy! (92 photos)
Photoset 037 - Esta
Petite Esta makes another appearance- many of you like her because she just loves soaping her panties- well you can't blame a girl for that, can you? In the shower in her red minidress, for those who like wet panties- yet another treat! (108 photos)

Photoset 038 - Natalie
Naughty Natalie make a welcome return. Another girl who just likes to share her wet panties with the whole world! Never happier than when her beige skirt is hitched up and she's dipping her bits into the water, again lots of full submersion by a girl whole always throws herself into her work- literally! (124 photos)

Photoset 039 - Charisma
Dark, sexy, Romanian model Charisma soaks the afternoon away in the pool. Wearing a red cotton dress that soaks and shows up the water beautifully. What can you say? Beautiful girl, beautifully dressed, beautifully wet! (57 photos)
Photoset 040 - Sami
Well, it had to be, a photoset by Sami. I think more wetlook fans have fallen for this girl than any other model. Here Sami is in the river wearing a white dress which goes nicely see through, showing us her black stockings, suspenders and red panties. (43 photos)
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