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Photoset 041 - Gina
New girl Gina makes her first appearance. If you like girls with long red hair, wearing outfits that turn red when wet, then you'll love this! Gina's long evening dress in sienna is gradually soaked in the pool, turning a rich vibrant shade of red. Floating and swimming Gina enjoys her first taste of wetlook and the sight of that long red hair floating on the water is a delight to see. (61 photos)

Photoset 042 - Charisma
The lovely Charisma returns, this time wearing a white cotton top (no bra), boot fit trousers and boots. If previous sets left you in any doubt, this will convince you that Charisma has the most incredible body you can imagine! (97 photos)

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Photoset 043 - Makenzie
Blonde, statuesque, Makenzie makes her first ever wetlook appearance wearing a long white satin nightie. Naked beneath, the water makes the material go see through and clingy, revealing her beautifully body beneath. An impressive debut from a stunning girl. (70 photos)

Photoset 044 - Tammy
Tammy starts in the garden wearing her bridesmaid's dress for traditional wedding pictures. She then progresses to the pool, where she wrecks the whole effect by soaking in the pool. Not that we mind, Tammy looks great soaking her smart outfit and having the time of her life doing it- and it shows! (61 photos)

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Photoset 045 - Natalie
Natalie again- this time being extremely naughty! If you are into tights/pantyhose being filled with shampoo then you'll love this. Far more revealing and risqué than the usual Styx sets, those of a nervous disposition should avoid this one. (105 photos)

Photoset 046 - Louise
Louise in a complete photoset, wearing a red top, red miniskirt, shoes and stockings. A beautiful slow soaking is followed by high jinks as Louise shows how well she can do handstands in the pool. (87 photos)

Photoset 047 - Tammy
Bubbly Tammy is back, but this was actually her first shoot for Styx. She had no idea that a red suit and yellow blouse was meant for wearing in the pool until she met us. She thought the whole thing was a real scream, and it shows in her cheeky grin. (76 photos)
Photoset 048 - Gina
One of Gina's first shoots for Styx. Sophisticated and sexy, she plays to the camera and enjoys every moment of her soaking in a beautiful blue dress that clings and changes colour. And it's also Graham's first photoshoot for Styx too! (68 photos)
Photoset 049 - Makenzie
Makenzie is back - this time in the shower in a beige blouse that goes very see-through and a skirt that changes colour and shines beautifully. (77 photos)
Photoset 050 - Louise
One for the sports clothes fans. Louise tries to cool off with her water bottle but there's not enough. By a stroke of luck, there's a swimming pool. If you're into sports clothes and wet socks, you'll love this photo set from Louise. (80 photos)

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Photoset 051 - Melanie and Donna
The twins are here again! Melanie and Donna in matching white blouses and skirts. Let's check how see-through they will go - and how they try hard not to fall out of their tops as they have fun together in the pool. (112 photos)

Photoset 052 - Charisma
Charisma's back! In the pool again, she's really getting the hang of this now.We had trouble keeping her out of the pool at the start of the shoot as she was so eager to get back into wet clothes again. Check out how that grey cotton top and red skirt shine - and hair shots too! (104 photos)

Photoset 053 - Natasha
We arrived at Natasha's house and set up everything in the bathroom. "I didn't get changed yet - what would you like me to wear?". We took one look, remembered members comments about jeans and socks and said "how about just as you are?". As we're shooting the set, she said "this is fun, I've never bathed in my clothes before. It's really nice!" (80 photos)
Photoset 054 - Jo May
Well, you all rave about her, so her she is again, the lovely Jo May. Pictured in standard beachwear - thigh length boots, obscenely short black skirt, white shirt with black underwear. Jo's first outdoor wet shoot and one that certainly made the other people on the beach sit up and take notice. (71 photos)
Photoset 055 - Leah
New girl Leah gets her debut in the sea! Wearing a red shirt and an ankle length white skirt, she embarks on the first of what we hope will be many wet adventures. The skirt goes wonderfully see through and clingy - revealing Leah's stockings, suspenders and panties in all their glory. (56 photos)
Photoset 056 - Sarah
After her Harley washing adventures, Sarah takes to the pool in a much more feminine outfit. A long blue patterned dress with a flimsy little jacket over the top. The dress didn't get as see through as we'd hoped, but it certainly clings in all the right places. (65 photos)
Photoset 057 - Rosaleen
In the pool with cream boots, beige mini and see-thru top. Rosaleen's first shoot with Styx and her first professional wetlook shoot too. Judging by the look on her face, she enjoyed it too. Pretty and athletic, she really gets into the swing of this wetlook stuff and will be back again for more! (130 photos)

Photoset 058 - Natasha
We wondered what colour a blue velvet dress would go when soaked. So, we asked our brave volunteer, Natasha, to give it a try. "Game for anything" Natasha agreed that it soaked beautifully - and turned almost black as the water poured through it and off it. (61 photos)

Photoset 059 - Jo May
What better way to spend a hot, lazy, Sunday afternoon than cooling off and having some fun in a pool full of cool water. Jo May thinks so too - so here she is having a fantastic time soaking her tight red pants and white top. If like to see a girl really having a fun time whilst getting wet - then look no further than here. (109 photos)

Photoset 060 - Gabriella
In her first shoot for Styx, Gabriella finds out what fun it can be to get wet and soapy in her clothes. Her thin blue top clings to her braless body and the blue skirt changes colour as she plays in the shower. (103 photos)
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