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Photoset 081 - Sarah G
Something slightly different - mainly aimed toward those who like pantyhose and body stockings - as Sarah G makes her solo debut in the pool. The outfit is a totally see through dress that clings to every curve, wet or dry. Sarah is naked beneath, which shows off her fabulous (and huge) boobs. (65 photos)
Photoset 082 - Gina
It's a cold day on an English beach, so Gina keeps her long blue skirt suit on for warmth. But that doesn't disuade her from trying the water. And once she gets a little wet, she can't resist getting completely soaked - still wearing her suit. (73 photos)
Photoset 083 - Sabrina
New girl, Sabrina, takes on the "Styx dolphin challenge" and fails miserably. However this is a good thing because it leaves her and her burgundy suit totally soaked! Sabrina's pink blouse manages to go completely transparent too, showing her black bra. (92 photos)

Photoset 084 - Jasmine
Page 3 girl, Jasmine Sinclair, returns to the pool for another good soaking. Wearing a very smart outfit of tight black trousers, white shirt and casual black suede jacket. The black just shines and shines when soaked and the white shirt goes wonderfully see through, giving a lovely view of Jasmine's black bra. (86 photos)

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Photoset 085 - Lana Cox
Lovely Russian girl Lana is back and with a sporting theme. The cropped white trousers go very see-through and the pink top shows off her magnificent breasts as she wrestles with the rubber ring in the pool. Always the professional, but even Lana can't stop smiling as the rubber ring wins and she gets soaked. (102 photos)

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Photoset 086 - Hayley
Memories of our summer shoot, when the weather was hot and the girls were wet. Hayley cools off playing on the slide and in the outdoor pool wearing her jeans and sleevless t-shirt. And the water will not stay in that bucket as she continually empties over herself in an effort to cool down. (83 photos)
Photoset 087 - April
"This is great fun - it's just like being a child" said April as she shrieked in delight (and cold) as the cold water from the sprinkler got her wetter and wetter. The short denim skirt shines and the beige top clings in all the right places. (70 photos)

Photoset 088 - Katarina
"One of my favourite shoots of the summer" says Graham. Katarina is so professional, great fun, and those blue eyes pierce right through you. You can tell how much Katarina enjoyed the shoot by the number of photos and the smiling face. The pink blouse changes colour and the skirt clings - and the occasional cheeky glimpse of her underwear. (146 photos)

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Photoset 089 - Jo May
Jo May rounds off the Styx year as Santa Claus, but her outfit and presents have all got wet in the shower. Shame! Is anyone hoping that THIS Santa comes down YOUR chimney this year? Have you been good - and what would YOU like for Christmas??? :-) (62 photos)

Photoset 090 - Sammie
In her debut for Styx, Sammie takes the "airbed challenge". She had to get onto the airbed, float across the pool and get out the other side without getting wet - and the prize is a bonus. She fails, but we get the bonus - lots of smiles, a clinging blue satin top and a see through short white skirt. (102 photos)

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Photoset 091 - Marianne
Marianne has lovely eyes, but you tend not to notice those as her blue dress and beige jacket get wet and cling so well in the pool. So, what colour are her eyes? (74 photos)
Photoset 092 - Rosaleen
A return to the bright, sunny and warm days of summer, as Rosaleen plays with a hose and sprinkler whilst wearing a white shirt and blue trousers. Can't wait for the summer, so she can do it all again! (101 photos)

Photoset 093 - Lana Cox
The lovely Lana returns after her dunkings in sportswear and even a brides dress. This time she wears a lovely salmon pink suit and white blouse (no bra) - some great pics of wet hair in this one. (122 photos)

Photoset 094 - Katarina
English weather is unpredictable. On a sunny afternoon, I get a surprise phone call from Katarina on her way back from the airport after an overseas shoot. "How about we do that beach shoot we spoke of? I have some time and the sun is shining!!" An hour later, there we were - me with my camera and Katarina in the clothes she arrived in. (113 photos)
Photoset 095 - WaterGirl
In this photoset you will see what I would do if I got caught in a rain storm. In my full jean outfit, with a turtleneck sweater, I would want to find every puddle I could and get as wet as possible. No need for umbrellas. (45 photos)
Photoset 096 - WaterGirl
I love this very comfortable skirt outfit. I wear it often. On this day I had been out shopping. While driving home my thoughts were on how good a shower was going to feel. So I climbed in the tub the way I walked in the door. The outfit was very snug and after getting wet, felt like it was hugging me. It was awesome! I was wearing a black bra, panties, pantyhose and black pumps. What a great way to end a shopping trip. (67 photos)

Photoset 097 - Jessie
Jessie is back, and eager to get wet again. So keen that she found herself a hot tub and contacted me to get me to book it and her. So, on a bright sunny day she arrives in the tightest of denim shorts and a tied shirt. I recalled the members requests for denim shorts - so in the hot tub she went! (65 photos)

Photoset 098 - Lucy-Zara
Look who's having fun in the sunshine! A memory of the UK's summer sun as Lucy-Zara soaks her white blouse and long red skirt in the garden paddling pool. Her black underwear shows through, but she gives us an additional peek anyway. (125 photos)

Photoset 099 - Sarah G
Sarah G is in the pool in various shades of pink - right down to her pink panties! This bundle of fun can't wait to get wet, busting out of her blouse as it clings tightly to her. Can a girl really have this much fun in a pool? Time to find out. (100 photos)

Photoset 100 - WaterGirl
Valentines is all about love and one of the things I love best is sharing my wetpics with you. Happy Valentine's to all my ''Wet'' friends. Love XOXO (25 photos)
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