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Photoset 061 - Lucy-Zara
Just back from vacation and looking radiant, Lucy-Zara was very keen to show us her all over tan through the see-thru top. Shot on a very hot day, the pool was a welcome relief as she soaked the short blue skirt and thin white top - on her first shoot for Styx. (96 photos)

Photoset 062 - Leah
Leah braved the cold English sea to bring you these pictures of her - wet in her red miniskirt and white top. It might look sunny and warm, but she nearly froze in her dedication to bring you these photos. Maybe a warm bath next time, Leah? (87 photos)

Photoset 063 - April
You can tell by the permanent grin on her face that April really enjoyed herself in the pool with the inflatable toys. Her light blue top goes completely transparent and the long blue silk skirt clings to every part of her bottom and legs as she tries to float without getting wet. Lots of wet hair shots in this photoset too. (114 photos)

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Photoset 064 - Harmony
Harmony features in her first photoset for Styx. This cute bundle of fun soaks her white top and short blue skirt with the sprinkler in the garden. The water reveals her white lacy panties through the thin skirt and it looks like she forgot to wear a bra too! (60 photos)

Photoset 065 - Katarina
Katarina has featured on many websites. We now welcome Katarina to the growing number of Styx models. She is so much fun to work with, and it shows. This 3-part set features water, soap and sexy red underwear - and, of course, Katarina!! (128 photos)
Photoset 066 - Gina
A sunny afternoon at the beach. The water is so tempting, but Gina forgot to bring her swimsuit. Or did she? Perhaps she always intended to get her lilac skirt and blouse wet, JUST to see the wonderful colour that would go. (45 photos)

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Photoset 067 - Sophia
A black top - and a long red skirt that really clings, combined with a very expressive model who really gets into the mood. Meet Sophia, showing you how a girl has fun in the pool - even if the colour poured out of that red skirt!! (95 photos)
Photoset 068 - Hayley
Something a little different. New girl, Hayley does the "action woman" thing in the pool wearing combat trousers, t-shirt and boots. Those trousers really changed colour well and cling beautifully to her. (75 photos)
Photoset 069 - Nikki
Nikki escapes from the rain and finds herself in the pool house. The pool looks warmer than the rain, so she feels the tempertature. Oh no! She accidentally drops her bag - or was it deliberate? So now the bag is full of water, she may as well make use of it. You'll love this set - a girl discovering the cling of wet clothes, from her coat and light blue suit, to her panties and see-through top. (145 photos)

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Photoset 070 - Jessie
New girl Jessie has an infectious smile and is a bundle of fun. For her first wet set for Styx, she's wearing a classy suit and orange shirt - and has lots of fun on the airbed in the pool. We defy you to look at this set and NOT break into a smile at lovely Jessie. (107 photos)
Photoset 071 - Jo May
The ever popular Jo May returns for another splash in the sea, this time in denim jacket and jeans. The smile on her face says it all, you just can't keep the girl dry!! (70 photos)

Photoset 072 - Charisma
Sexy Charisma in her see through dress, with nothing underneath, smothers herself with shower gel. Just see how this dress clings to every curve of her beautiful body ! And what a shine ! After a thorough soaping, what next? That's right a thorough wetting- and they don't come much thorough than this! (127 photos)

Photoset 073 - Lana Cox
Welcome back to Lana, wearing a long white dress that looks like it was made for her. With some great see-through shots and wet, clinging underwear - this is a shoot that all Lana fans will love. Look out for some great and funny wet hair shots too. (83 photos)

Photoset 074 - Foxy
Foxy had only got wet in a pool wearing a swimsuit before - until she met Styx. She found the thought of wearing a suit and carrying a handbag into the pool intriguing! Luckily the handbag was a big one and held lots of water, so she could pour it over herself. And the light blue suit and clinging blouse look great on her. We think she had fun? (113 photos)

Photoset 075 - Jasmine
Jasmine Sinclair is a "Page 3" model (Sun newspaper, in the UK) and we're delighted she accepted the request to model for us. We set her a challenge. Wearing a light blue denim shirt and blue trousers she had to get into a big rubber ring, float around the pool and get out again without getting wet. She failed the challenge, but who cares!! (92 photos)
Photoset 076 - Harmony
The return of Harmony, our sexy nurse, wears something a little more casual as she soaks in the pool wearing a trouser suit and turtle neck sweater. (67 photos)

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Photoset 077 - Jessie
Something for pantyhose and boots fans. Jessie is once again "all smiles" as she has some fun in the pool in a red sweater, long skirt and red boots. Part-way through the shoot the skirt comes off revealing the pantyhose and those wet pink panties. (90 photos)
Photoset 078 - Sophia
Fun and games in the garden on one of our summer shoots - as Sophia teases and plays in the garden sprinkler wearing trousers and a lilac satin shirt. When the sprinkler finally wins, Sophia is totally soaked. This was the first wet photoshoot that she'd ever done, and she was cheered on by all the other models watching her. (80 photos)

Photoset 079 - Gabriella
In a short blue skirt and black see-thru top and lacy black bra, Gabriella plays with the water and then drops into the pool for some shiny, clinging fun. (108 photos)

Photoset 080 - Sally
Sally returns to the pool - this time in a superb lilac suede skirt and shiny blouse. She loved the colour change as she played with the water on her blouse and it wasn't long before the outfit was beautifully soaked. (96 photos)

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