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Video 001 - Wendy Jane
Busty blonde Wendy Jane wearing her blouse, skirt and fabulous high-heeled shoes. Natural sounds as Wendy squeals, giggles and laughs her way through this set. The sound of her saying “shall I go down again?” still makes the hairs tingle on the back of our necks! (23 minutes)

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Video 002 - Sammy Jayne
Sam returns to the outdoor pond wearing a grey business suit and grey calf length boots. Sam starts by slowly soaking her various bits n’bobs, but this soon develops into a mad few minutes where she gives herself to the water and has a wild time! (5 minutes)
Video 003 - Caroline
Busty blonde Caroline takes a shower wearing her tight red mini dress and heels. After much soaking she removes her dress to reveal a white “all in one”. (5 minutes)
Video 004 - Tracy and Grace
Two bored office girls who decide to have some fun whilst the decorators are out on their lunch break. Smart office clothes are gradually covered with wallpaper paste and then slowly removed as the girls cover each other’s bodies! Lots of nudity in this scene from Steamy Windows. (16 minutes)
Video 005 - Sammy Jayne
Sammy takes to the outdoor pond wearing skin tight blue jeans, white blouse which goes completely transparent (no bra) and white calf length boots. Previously seen on Steamy Windows, this has been added due to many requests from people who haven’t had the chance to see it before. (4 minutes)
Video 006 - Tracy and Grace
Tracy in a maroon knee length skirt, black and white blouse, stockings, suspenders and high heels is joined in the shower by her “friend” Grace; wearing a white mini dress with black underwear beneath. Sensual two girl action as they enjoy the feel of each other’s wet clothes and bodies. (14 minutes)
Video 007 - Diana
Diana at her most provocative. Here she’s given a free hand to do her own thing! Starting by choosing her own outfit, through to “directing” herself through this video sequence. Dare you watch a woman doing what SHE thinks is sexy in the bath? White blouse, red mini skirt and red boots- some topless included. Natural sound as Diana talks throughout her scene. (28 minutes)
Video 008 - Lana Cox
Gorgeous Lana swimming in a pool in skin tight white jeans and white top. Includes some underwater scenes. (22 minutes)

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Video 009 - Cat
Cat in soaking WET action in her pastel green business suit and full bath tub. (20 minutes)

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Video 010 - Jennifer
First time ever wetgirl, Jennifer, wears a white blouse, black office skirt, zebra skin underwear and fantastic high heels. She how a girl reacts to getting truly wet for the first time as the water totally inundates her from every direction! (No zebras were harmed during filming). (34 minutes)

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Video 011 - Melanie
Melanie bathing in her long-sleeve white blouse, lacy bra and panties, long blue skirt and shoes. (21 minutes)

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Video 012 - Wendy Jayne and Sami
Two sexy secretaries "drowning" each other outdoors in business attire. This is a two-girl scene which doesn’t feature any lesbianism or nudity, just the two of them having a load of fun together. Sami wears a grey skirt and jacket, whilst Wendy wears a blue skirt and sleeveless top. (10 minutes)
Video 013 - Lisa
Lisa just loves to splash around in the river and drench her soak her cute little beige mini dress, black stockings, underwear and sexy brown boots. (14 minutes)

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Video 014 - Katie
Cute, sexy Katie wearing a long grey dress loves to slowly and sensually soak herself in the bath tub. (16 minutes)
Video 015 - Melody
Dark-haired Melody cools off in the river in her white dress, long white boots, black panties and dark stockings. (16 minutes)
Video 016 - Teresa
Teresa Scott takes a lovely warm bath in tight blue jeans and an incredible pink shirt that turns vivid red when wet. This is Tess' first wetlook video and she didn't know what to expect. hey, guess what? She soon "saw the light" when she poured the first jug of water down the front of those jeans- you can see the mischievous glint in her eye. (22 minutes)
Video 017 - Wet Disco Dancing
A blast from the past, but none the worst for that. 5 lovely girls; Sammy Jayne, Katy, Louise, Emma Morgan and Michelle. A wet dancing competition hosted by Bill Shipton of Splosh. (22 minutes)
Video 018 - Tina, Nikki and Sarah
Three girls; Tina, Nikki and Sarah. They try to cross over some farmland but the evil farmer makes them take a detour through a muddy bog. Soon the girls are covered in mud and have to walk across the field to find a pond to wash themselves and their filthy clothes. (10 minutes)
Video 019 - Jo May
Lovely Jo May, wearing a superb outfit of chamois leather skirt and boots and flimsy "gypsy top" slowly soaks herself in the shower. Jo's verdict? Chamois leather is the best stuff to get wet in- it feels ssoooooooo good against the skin. (19 minutes)
Video 020 - Cat
Cat in the river in her white business suit and shiny black blouse. Lots of closeups of dripping, clinging and see-thru clothes in this video of Cat's sensual playing and swimming in the river. (16 minutes)
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