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SAMPLE Video 141 - Keira
Did you want to see a girl with very long legs, fishnet holdups, silver short boots in the shower? Oh, and she's wearing the shortest and tightest purple strapless minidress you can imagine. And Keira washes and shampoos her hair too! Not interested? Thought not!! :-) (10 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 142 - Sammie
Your chance to meet and chat to Sammie as we make a "wet debutante" video of her getting wet in the hot tub. She wears a long grey cotton skirt and thin lilac top in this shoot, done on a cold winter's day. (11.5 minutes)

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SAMPLE Video 143 - Francesca Lee
Another day at the beach for Francesca Lee. She wears a sleeveless green top and a long cream linen skirt and plays in the shallows. Slowly the skirt and top get wet, revealing black panties and no bra. She rolls and plays in the surf getting thoroughly soaked! (13.5 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 144 - Candy
Dark-haired Candy plays in the bathtub and shower in a cream half sleeve braless top and knee-length frilled brown skirt. First she wets her bum in the water. Then she progressively gets wetter with a shower until she immerses herself in the tub so that everything clings and shines. (8 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 145 - Charisma
Well, after a long long wait, we've decided to pull something off the shelf to delight you. The lovely Charisma returns for another movie, shot just before she left for the USA. We thought we'd keep it up our sleeves for a while. No description is necessary, she's beautiful and she's wet...enjoy. (8.5 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 146 - Nikki
Nikki is wearing a mid-length brown suede skirt and light blue roll-neck sweater. She tests the water temperature of her new hot tub and prepares to undress. But is there someone watching her? Perhaps it's best she doesn't take her clothes off - but that tub looks so inviting. So, in she goes - boots as well!! (13.5 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 147 - Hayley-Marie
Hayley-Marie's first shoot for Styx and what an adventure. When her car breaks down on the way to an evening out, she gets caught in the rain and has to find shelter. She finds a warm indoor pool. With no-one around, she can't resist and leaps in - still wearing her party dress and raincoat. (10 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 148 - Tori
A sponsored shoot/request for a member. Tori wears a blackberry coloured satin long-sleeved blouse and a long black jersey skirt. The brief was simple - soak everything slowly, lots of full-length and laying down shots plus closeups of face and hair. And when she's completely soaked, get her even wetter with as much water as we can. I think we got it? (9 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 149 - Sammie
Sammie's lost her cat and goes searching in the cold morning - wearing her red nighdress and dressing gown. When she locks herself out, there's only one way to stay warm. She remembers the hot tub! (11.5 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 150 - Jessie
An afternoon at the beach for Jessie as she plays in the shallows and with the lapping waves. Eventually the bottom of her long pale blue skirt gets wet. Despite the cold water, we feel sure that the rest of her outfit will also get wet. (10 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 151 - Nasrin
Nasrin wears a purple skirt suit in this pool and shower shoot. At first, she gets the skirt a little wet - followed by handbags full of water. Eventually she jumps into the pool, removes the jacket and plays in the dinghy. At the end, she soaps and showers - ripping open the blouse to soap and expose her ample figure. (14 minutes)

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SAMPLE Video 152 - Francesca Lee
It's the end of a working day. Francesca is whiling away the time throwing stones in to the sea. When the water catches her by surprise and wets her feet, she just gives in. She wanders into deeper water and soaks her pale skirt suit and blouse, rolling around in the surfline. (10 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 153 - Tori
Tori puts on a sensual show with soap in the shower. She wears a long pink satin dress with a transparent underskirt. This video differs from the normal Styx style. Part 1 has music and some closeups. Part 2 is the same scene, but close-up and with natural sound - so you can hear the satin being soaked! (16 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 154 - Baillie, LizB and Candy
Three girls, working abroad get back to their hired villa after a long day in the office. After a drink and chat they decide to soak their feet in the pool and one things leads to another. Soon business suits are soaking and torn, and so are stockings and shirts. An excellent, natural sound movie, showing how girls really do like to have fun, especially in the pool. (16.5 minutes)

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SAMPLE Video 155 - Sammie, June and Koko
Yet another 3 girl movie from Styx ... this time it's about as close to a candid as you can get. Sammie, June and Koko are out for a walk along the public beach when they decide to play in the sea, fully clothed and in full view of everyone. No scripts, the girls do what they want. It's good, clean, wet fun and shows how much our girls really enjoy what they do. (11 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 156 - Candy
It's another customer-sponsored shoot and outfit. Candy plays on the beach in Spain, wearing a long skirt that REFUSES to stay around her legs. :-) Well, what can a girl do when there are waves that insist on showing her stocking tops and panties! The water makes the long-sleeved red shirt cling well. (10.5 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 157 - Hayley-Marie
When Hayley-Marie is thirsty, she heads for the water pump. Being a little enthusiastic, the water comes out a bit fast and she splashes her cream trouser suit. Now it's a bit wet, it might as well get a refreshing soaking. And her blue shirt gets soaked too when the jacket comes off. (8.5 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 158 - Koko
Koko in the pool. She wears a knee length white skirt that goes very see-through, showing her black underwear. And the soft lilac long-sleeved pure silk blouse changes colour dramatically and clings well too. (8.5 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 159 - June
June is on the beach in Spain, wearing a full length light brown linen skirt and thin skimpy braless top. The temptation is too much - all that water and the heat of the day. It's time this girl cooled off as you heat up! (6.5 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 160 - Liz B
Lovely Liz B, wearing a long yellow skirt and long sleeved white top takes a long, slow and sensual dip in the pool. If you're a fan of long clingy skirts and tops that show the model's shape, then you'll be in heaven with this movie. (9 minutes)
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