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SAMPLE Video 161 - June, Koko, Sammie
Styx Holiday Villas send three agents out to view a new property ready for the summer season. However they soon forget about everything except the pool. June, Koko and Sammie decide to soak their suits and play in the water. This isn't what they're employed for!! Should we fire them? (11.5 minutes)

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SAMPLE Video 162 - Baillie
Dressed in a sleeveless pink top and short white skirt, Baillie strolls along the water's edge soaking her shoes. When she gets stones in them, she sits down to remove them - but the waves come up the beach and soak her white skirt and her pink panties. (9 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 163 - Aurora
New girl Aurora is up bright and early to catch the beautiful early morning sun. Having just got out of bed, she's still wearing her long Victorian style nightie. Aurora just loves the feel of the dew on the grass and decides to get wet all over. Discovering a hose pipe left lying on the lawn Aurora just can't resist using it to really soak her nightie. (9 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 164 - Candy
Candy sits by the large rock pool in the full heat of the Spanish sun. Wearing a blue blouse, short blue skirt, stockings and shoes she can't decide whether to strip off or soak in the cool water. As you expect, the decision is easy ... keep her clothes on and soak in the cool water. (9 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 165 - Kareena
This is Kareena's initiation as a Styx model. With the help of Hayley-Marie and Tori, we introduced her to various ways of getting wet - with hilarious results. The girls finally march her off to the pool and throw her in - but there's a bit of a surprise for Tori too! (10 minutes)

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SAMPLE Video 166 - Kareena
On her first shoot (since her Styx initiation), Kareena gets to play in the pool in our raft. She wears a red, long shiny satin dress - a perfect contrast to her long dark hair. (10 minutes)

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SAMPLE Video 167 - Jessie
A chance to meet and chat with Jessie. She's just returned from a winter walk - wrapped up in jeans, jacket, long-sleeved white t-shirt, hat and scarf. Without much persuasion, we get her into the hot tub wearing all her clothes. And Jessie is just as delightful to talk to as she is to look at. (10 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 168 - Nasrin
It's a beautiful day for a picnic, but it all goes wrong for Nasrin. A wasp causes her to spill red wine over her white top. Neither white wine or lemonade will remove it. And then it starts to rain and she soaks her top and long blue skirt. (6.5 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 169 - Sonia
She's already done some photosets for Styx, but this is her first video. Dressed perfectly for the pool, Sonia soaks a jacket, short skirt, red blouse and fishnet holdups for you. (10 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 170 - Lia
Lia in the pool - wearing a shiny red top and shiny black skirt. Of course, they're not shiny to start with, but the crazy girl forgets to take off her clothes before going for a swim. Lucky for us, eh? (9 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 171 - Diana
Plain and simple wetlook from one of the Styx favourites. Diana is in the pool, wearing the "office favourite" - a dark grey knee-length skirt and crisp white cotton blouse over a lacy white bra. Magnificent! (7.5 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 172 - Angelina
Following the recent photoset of Angelina, you now get the chance of seeing how much fun she has doing a movie. Wearing a long-sleeved tan shirt and no bra, plus a mid length black shirt - she has a huge amount of fun playing in the pool. (9.5 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 173 - Nikki
Nikki has just returned from all-night party. Wearing a long black dress and a red jacket, she is tired and slightly the worse for too much wine. Our intrepid photographer has no problem in persuading her to empty the bottle down her dress - and then soak the whole outfit in the hot tub! (10.5 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 174 - Sammie, Jessie, Nikki
Sammie arrives at Nikki's place but she's out. Rather than get cold Sammie gets into the hot tub, wearing her skirt and jacket. Jessie returns from a run, wearing leggings and a body warmer - and decides to join her. Then Nikki arrives from her interview, dressed for the office. Soon, all three are in the hot tub! (17 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 175 - Angelina
Smiling Angelina is back. She's in the pool again, wearing a knee-length split skirt, and braless under her blouse. She completes the outfit with fishnet holdups. (8 minutes)

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SAMPLE Video 176 - Tori
Tori decides to soak her "swimsuit". But it's not just ANY "swimsuit" - this is a tailored skirt suit that just not supposed to be swum in. But that doesn't stop her soaking it and her pink blouse too. She finds herself alone with a pool, and decides to have some fun! (9 minutes)

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SAMPLE Video 177 - Tori, Baillie & Kareena
A custom denim shoot for one of Styx's satisfied customers. Three girls in the pool, all wearing their own denims and white blouses. We gave them some brief instructions, set the cameras running, and told them to have some fun. It looks like they did! (14 minutes)

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SAMPLE Video 178 - Natalie
Originally from the Strangely Strange DVD, Natalie plays in the pool with her handbag. She's wearing a black cocktail dress, stockings and seethrough panties. (14 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 179 - Sammie
This video of Sammie is based loosely on a customer's suggestions. We gave her a vague script involving a bucket, a crushed velvet maroon skirt, her lilac rollneck sweater and a swimming pool. We told her to play to the camera - and you get 13 mins of Sensual Sammie! (13 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 180 - Katarina and Lana
The first of our two-girl videos, featuring Katarina and Lana. We think you'll love this first one - featuring the girls wearing evening dresses after a party. Katarina is laughing all the way through this and we bet you can't watch it without smiling or laughing too. (10 minutes)
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