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Video 061 - Charisma and Jo May
Charisma wears a white blouse and office skirt - but ends up nude. Jo May wears a denim skirt and white top, but remains clothed. The girls are in the shower together and Jo May takes over as "the boss" - demonstrating that wet clothing not only looks good, but feels good too! (20 minutes)

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Video 062 - Sarah Jayne
Well. what can you say about this lady - sex on legs! Sarah slinks her way through another hot tub session wearing thigh high red boots, red shirt and a black micro mini. Just thought of what you could say - WOW! (12 minutes)

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Video 063 - Jo May
In a response to customer requests, Styx presents Jo May in "natural sound" with no music soundtrack. She plays on a water bed and then in the pool in a white blouse and short black skirt. Lots of underwear shots and, later in the shoot, the skirt comes off - completely revealing those wet, white panties. (9 minutes)

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Video 064 - Gina
Another return to the summer, but on a typically British dull day - Gina however brightens everything up with an enthusiastic and fun trip into the sea. You can see from her expression just how like a kid she feels! (15 minutes)
Video 065 - Sabrina
Sabrina makes her movie debut for Styx, wearing a red Chinese style shirt with a long split skirt. Lots of lovely close ups as she floats around the pool on her airbed, soaked. (13 minutes)
Video 066 - Chanta
The much-requested Chanta river shoot. Wearing a long striped skirt and grey jacket, she swims in the river and exposes her black lingerie. (10 minutes)
Video 067 - Diana
Now we have the return of a great favourite at Styx, Diana. Fed up after losing her job at the office, Diana decides to drown her sorrows by taking a dip in the pool, fully clothed. Multi layers get peeled off after a good soaking- leaving just underwear. She even uses her now empty briefcase to pour water over herself. (21 minutes)

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Video 068 - Melanie and Donna
Those naughty twins always end up soaked. Wearing identical outfits of short white sports skirts, white socks, trainers, tops and tracksuit tops. After Melanie gets pushed in the pool she persuades Donna to come in with her. Two young girls having a great time in the water. Full natural sound really emphasises some fantastic wetlook action. (16 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 069 - Sarah G and Sarah Jayne
The two Sarahs move in on a hot tub showroom and subject the poor male assistant to some cheekiness. Both wearing jeans (one red, one blue) and Sarah Jayne in a fur coat, they decide to climb into the demonstration hot tub fully clothed - to the shock and amazement of the assistant. Some guys at the car wash next door have witnessed this and decide to give the two girls a final hose down as they leave the store - in full view of a busy main street and a queue of people waiting for a bus. Full natural sound. (11 minutes)

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Video 070 - Lana and Teresa (Bonus Movie)
A full length movie of the two most awesome wetlook models ever, as a bonus update for our loyal members. Lana and Teresa, together in the bath, have a soaking and soaping good time of it. These two really enjoy each other’s company in the soapy water. Full natural sound allows you to hear all their comments to each other. We doubt if you’ll ever get over Lana’s sexy Russian voice telling Teresa to “come and play with me”. (24 minutes)

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Video 071 - Abigail (Faith)
This is Faith's wet debutante shoot. She now models under her real name of Abigail. For her first Styx shoot, she is wearing a strap-top and matching skirt, and it all goes beautifully see-through in the tub. (36 minutes)
Video 072 - Sarah G
Sarah returns for yet another session in the hot tub - this time wearing a red satin nightie. Blonde and busty, you can see how she loves the hot water pouring all over her slip and soaking through to her body. Another for the lovers of satin. Had to dub music on this one, due to excessive wind noise, but we've tried something modern with this set. (13 minutes)

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SAMPLE Video 073 - JoMay & Leah
Yet another natural sound movie, this time you might not understand the Yorkshire accents though. Jo spills (accidentally!) red wine down Leah's white dress then takes her into the shower to wash it off. A little more raunchy that the usual movies we offer - including Leah being stripped off. (15 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 074 - Suzanne
Lovely redhead Suzanne goes into the shower wearing a casual black skirt suit and white blouse (no bra). This is Sue's movie debut and she looks great - the black suit looks pretty good too - ooooh that shine! (11 minutes)
Video 075 - Messy April
Take an ordinary girl who likes getting wet and messy for fun. Take her out for a walk where there's mud and water and what do you get? One very wet, messed up but happy girl. Share the fun of a great afternoon with a girl who just doesn't care about wrecking her outfit or who sees her doing it. Just imagine going out for a walk with a girl like this! (20 minutes)
Video 076 - Gina
A welcome return for Gina. Wearing a red shirt that goes utterly transparent when wet (no bra) plus a calf length skirt that really soaks up the water, Gina gets soaked in the pool. A bonus for wet hair fans too - lots of scenes of that long red hair getting wet! (13 minutes)
Video 077 - Demi and Samantha
Wet Debutantes Demi and Samantha, have their first ever soaking in the tub. Demi wears a mid length cocktail dress and Samantha a blue mini and white shirt that goes transparent when wet. (18 minutes)
Video 078 - Liz B
We would like to offer a big welcome to our latest recruit, the lovely Liz. She makes her wet debut in skin tight jeans and a beige shirt. We reckon this girl will be soooooo popular that we've invited her to shoot with us in Spain. So you will be seeing lots and lots of her the future. We hope you like her - cos we do - not only good looking but a very bubbly personality too. Oh, and yet more natural sound. (11 minutes)

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Video 079 - Natalie and Tammy
Well, with a movie featuring Naughty Natalie, you couldn't expect anything but naughtiness could you? This time she is in the shower wearing a white roll neck sweater, long black skirt and knee boots. However this doesn't last long as Tammy decides to strip her off to all but her boots. Natalie doesn't mind - she just loves the feel of Tammy's wet clothes against her naked body. Warning: girl/girl action and nudity. (18 minutes)

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Video 080 - Misty
New girl, Misty, in the shower wearing yet another sweater and some pale yellow jeans - both of which go extremely transparent, revealing black underwear below. As part of the "mix" that Styx tries to bring, Misty is rather more "mature" than our typical models, but she looks absolutely great and really enjoyed herself. (12 minutes)
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