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Video 101 - April
Another Styx video shot in Spain, this features April in a long pink satin dress. It's been a hot day and the evening is still warm. Just the place for a girl to cool off - in a swimming pool all to herself! (10 minutes)
Video 102 - Suzanne
Suzanne is all alone in the pool area - wearing a brown mid-length gypsy skirt, braless long-sleeved top and knee-length boots. The temptation is too much and she quickly soaks the boots and skirt. Finally, this beautiful redhead can resist no longer and soaks the whole outfit. (14.5 minutes)

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Video 103 - Louise
Louise plays at the water's edge and in the waves, wearing an orange blouse and knee length denim skirt. A great way for a girl to cool off on a hot Spanish day on the beach. (9.5 minutes)
Video 104 - Naomi K
Naomi is back for another Styx appearance. She plays in the pool in a burgundy red short chemise. This pool shoot includes more underwater footage and glimpses of her panties. (9 minutes)
Video 105 - Tia
New girl, Tia, joins Styx and takes the dolphin challenge. But she's already wet in her tight red dress and black jacket before the dolphin throws her in. Watch for the underwater sequences as her blonde hair flows in the water. (18 minutes)
Video 106 - Sammie
Shot on the beach in the surf in Spain, we meet Sammie again. This time she's dressed in demins and a blue gypsy top, completed with a suede jacket. Sammie plays in the waves and on the shoreline, enjoying the cling and the shine of the clothes. (9.5 minutes)

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Video 107 - Tori
Welcome from Styx and all the members to blonde Tori - another new model who likes to get her clothes wet. Wearing a pink braless vest top, pink trousers and a jacket she cools herself off with the outside water pump. She even manages to get a little muddy too. (7.5 minutes)
Video 108 - Belle
This is Belle's first video for Styx. We hope you like it, and the way her mauve gypsy top and flared knee length skirt floats on the water and also cling to her body. Belle enjoyed her first video shoot for Styx - and it shows! (11 minutes)
Video 109 - Liz B
Liz is sitting by the pool reading her book. That pool looks so inviting that she can no longer concentrate, and she decides to try it out. It's too much effort to go and change - so she stays dressed in her red blouse, cream satin trouser suit and boots. (13.5 minutes)
Video 110 - June
One of the last shots of our day at a summer shoot. June tries the water slide, but the slide's had enough and comes down into the pool with her. June makes the best of things in her brown skirt and white long-sleeved t-shirt, and soaks herself with a bucket and then rolls around in the pool. Enjoy the closeups of her wet clothes and long blonde hair. (7 minutes)
Video 111 - Sarah T
Black-haired Sarah T, in her first Styx video. Enjoy her playing in the pool in her black skirt and red top. A bundle of energy and fun, she tries the inflatable chair and the swing - and does some great underwater swimming too. (12 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 112 - Baillie
Another new face, Baillie, makes her first appearance on a Styx movie. Wearing a vest type top and long skirt, Baillie gets a really good soaking in the pool. The underwater sequences provide lots of great wet skirt action and plenty of glimpses of wet white panties. (12 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 113 - Mimi
Those who like the "wet debutantes" style, jeans, Thai girls and soaping...then you're going to be in heaven with this movie, as cute Mimi does her first ever wet session for Styx. Natural sound and lots of talking from Mimi...she seemed to enjoy it and we hope you do too. (19 minutes)

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Video 114 - Jo May
Picture the scene, a beautiful warm evening by the pool in Spain, out on the balcony Jo May appears. Wearing a glass beaded, pale lilac satin evening dress, she flounces down the steps to the pool edge. Once at the pool Jo slowly soaks the dress. The pale lilac material progressively turning into a vivid dark purple... Well no need to picture the scene, now you can see it for real in this movie. (11 minutes)
Video 115 - Petra
Petra is wearing a matching grey/green thin cotton sleeved top and knee length skirt. She gradually soaks the outfit with the outside water pump - until it dries up! Luckily there's a small pool nearby (where we wash some equipment). So she heads for that instead so that she can complete the soaking of her outfit and long blonde hair. (7.5 minutes)

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Video 116 - Tori
Tori wears a full-length cream satin nightdress for this request shoot. In the nightdress purchased by a Styx member, blonde Tori first drips water on it, then climbs in and out of the pool, feeling the satin cling to her. As a special bonus, we also got Tori to soap herself in the shower afterwards. (8 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 117 - Francesca Lee
Down on the beach and it's a sunny day. Francesca Lee plays in the water in her bare feet with the bottoms of her jeans getting wet. She drops more water on her knees, and finally sits in the water soaking her jeans and her sleeveless pink t-shirt. (10 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 118 - Jessie
Jessie is wearing matching bright pink linen jacket and trousers. Not really the right clothes for the beach, but there's no point in changing when a girl has to cool down. What a colour change as she rolls in the water, soaks her hair and then unbuttons the jacket to soak the white t-shirt underneath. (8 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 119 - April
Shot on the beach in summer in Spain. April plays in the water wearing shoes and a black silk chinese split skirt. Her braless cropped pink gypsy top clings beautifully as she emerges from the water and plays in the shallows. (9 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 120 - Jo May
JoMay is wearing black and red satin designer dress and black gothic heels. Ideal for a night out, but now the night is over and she needs to refresh herself. So, she heads for the beach! (10 minutes)
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