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Video 081 - Jessie
Visiting friends, Jessie finds their hot tub in the garden. She can't wait to try it out - wearing her blue trousers, pink top and trainers. Some great cling and colour change in this movie. (11 minutes)
Video 082 - Louise
The return of Louise, who hasn't been seen for a while, thoroughly enjoying a soaking in the warm Mediterranean sea. This outfit was sponsored by one of our members. This is a really nice, gentle, movie with Louise really having fun being rolled around in the breaking waves. A pale blue cotton blouse and a long skirt make up the outfit - some nice "billowing" shots in there too. (11 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 083 - Sammie
Sammie looks simply stunning wearing a red satin ballgown, evening gloves and matching shoes and handbag. Slowing soaking the ensemble in the pool we witness just how clingy satin goes when wet, showing every curve of Sammie's body. (12 minutes)
Video 084 - Jo May
Jo May returns wearing an extremely stylish satin cocktail dress with matching gloves. If you are a shoes lover, check these out. Jo loved them so much she decided she wanted to keep them for going clubbing in! (10 minutes)
Video 085 - Diana
A return of one of your favourites, Diana, in her favourite location. Diana enjoys a soaking in her silver mini-dress with matching shoes and handbag. One of the few girls who dares to go for total submersion in the river. (10 minutes)
Video 086 - Jo May
Yet another "natural sound" movie and this time the complete scene too. Jo May having lots of fun larking around in the sea wearing a white blouse and red skirt, along with white "over knee" stockings and white heels. (9 minutes)
Video 087 - Lana Cox
The return of the lovely Lana, wearing a crisp white blouse and long yellow skirt. The skirt is split giving great views of wet underwear, stockings and suspenders - particularly the underwater shoots. (10 minutes)

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SAMPLE Video 088 - Natalie
Naughty Natalie is back in another pool adventure. Having first wet her hair and let it drip and run over her clothes, she decides to give the rope swing a try. Will the rope be long enough to reach the other side of the pool? Probably not!! (10 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 089 - Renee
Our latest wet model, Renee, makes her debut in the pool. Wearing a beautiful red satin dress with matching satin gloves, Renee soaks herself beautifully. Some excellent underwater sequences too. (14 minutes)
Video 090 - Liz B
Wearing a mid-length beige skirt and red blouse, Liz strolls along the beach, dipping her shoes into the surf. The cooling water soon temps her to get the skirt wet. Then she can no longer resist, gives in and sits down in the waves. (10 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 091 - Jodi
A big welcome for a new (and beautiful) girl, Jodi. Set in the pool with a skirt that will make you drool as it goes incredibly transparent and clingy. A great debut from a girl we'll sure you'll want to see more of. (9 minutes)
Video 092 - Sammie
The return of the ever popular Sammie, this time in the sea wearing a long dress. Part way through Sammie removes her shoes and carries on soaking in just her stockings. Another natural sound movie - hear the waves crash around her as she gets thoroughly soaked. (10 minutes)
Video 093 - Francesca Lee
Introducing the lovely Francesca Lee, who is new to Styx even though you might have seen her before. Wearing a lovely pink satin chemise, she takes a sensual shower, slowly soaking and making it cling to her lovely body. Natural sound on this one - and the outfit was sponsored by a Styx member. (9 minutes)
Video 094 - Janine
In her first video for Styx, Janine takes "the dolphin challenge" and miserably fails at the first attempt. But that's to your advantage because she's completely soaked in her pale blue minidress - less than 40 seconds into the video! So, there's 8 minutes of laughing and soaked, clinging clothes. (8.5 minutes)
Video 095 - Liz B
Shot in the sea in Spain on a really hot day, what's a girl to do when the heat's getting too much for her? That's right, cool off in the refreshing waves. Liz does just that, but leaves her clothes on in the process; a pair of tonic trousers and a small top get a good soaking. (9 minutes)
Video 096 - Louise
Set on a lovely warm night, Louise sensuously soaks her long gold satin evening dress in the pool. A wonderfully co-ordinated outfit with matching shoes, shawl and handbag. Even full evening make up. A lovely movie for those who like the idea that a woman has gone to so much trouble to get dressed for wet. (12.5 minutes)
Video 097 - Rosaleen
The return of Rosaleen in the pool. Wearing just a short satin chemise and shoes, Rosaleen soaks herself beautifully. This movie is a must for wet hair lovers and the second half of the movie has the best underwater footage Styx has produced so far. (10 minutes)
Video 098 - Sophia
Sophia is her usual bundle of energy and fun, wearing a 50's black circle skirt, red top and seamed stockings. In and out of the pool, playing on the swing and the inflatable chair. We even managed to catch up with her underwater too! (11.5 minutes)
Video 099 - Katarina and Francesca Lee
Two gorgeous blondes out walking on a hot summer day. When they discover a water pump, they decide to see if it works. And, when it does, they take it in turns to soak each other. Two girls playing in the sun and in the water. (6 minutes)
Video 100 - Lana Cox
Lana - as you've not seen her before. Not only serene and graceful as usual, but also full of fun. She swings over the pool on a rope and repeatedly falls in, dressed in a white blouse and long red skirt. Extreme close ups and underwater shots in this video too. (9 minutes)
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