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SAMPLE Video 181 - Kareena
Dressed a little like an air hostess, Styx's own "trolley dolly", Kareena, plays in the pool. She soaks a red silk skirt suit that really clings well. (7.5 minutes)

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SAMPLE Video 182 - Raven
Wearing a white blouse and black trousers, Raven takes to the Styx pool and soaks the outfit to great effect. The blouse goes super-seethrough and the black trousers gleam and cling beautifully. (11 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 183 - Baillie
Now here's a chance to see a girl really having fun! Baillie is in and out of the pool, soaking her blouse and skirt, non-stop for 10 minutes. Even her stockings end up round her ankles as she leaps in and out of the pool. (10 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 184 - Sammie
We had some similar requests, so Sammie was pleased to oblige. She plays in the pool wearing a jogging top over a braless vest, leggings, socks and trainers. (10 minutes)

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SAMPLE Video 185 - Jasmin
Here's Jasmin, on her Styx video debut. Wearing a lilac dress with stockings and heels, Jasmin playfully soaks and swims in the pool. Lovers of dark sultry looks and dark wet hair will really enjoy this. (11 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 186 - Katarina and Lana
The video started quite normally - it was a shoot of Lana, dressed in a trouser suit at the end of the day. Katarina appeared because she wanted to say goodbye to Lana before she went for an interview. She never got there, because Lana had other ideas of getting Katarina soaked! (10 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 187 - Sonia
Sonia wears a short tight, grey skirt and pale blue blouse in the pool. As the outfit soaks, her skirt rides up revealing her stocking tops. And the skirt lining goes see-through exposing her soaked white thong and suspenders. (8.5 minutes)

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SAMPLE Video 188 - Sammie
Sammie, dressed for the office and soaked. She wears a pinstripe skirt suit and white blouse over dark underwear. At first, she only uses her shoes to soak her outfit, but she finally takes the plunge and soaks it all. (12 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 189 - Diana
Your gorgeous, favourite Diana is back - soaked in her dark blue blouse and shiny wet, black skirt. Not forgetting those wet stockings and panties too. Oh, and her wet hair ... enough!! Go and look for yourself (with apologies for the sound problems on this video). (9.5 minutes)

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SAMPLE Video 190 - Raven
Raven dances her way through this video, soaking her black skirt and red shirt in the pool. Flashes of wet stockings and soaked wet panties too. (8.5 minutes)

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SAMPLE Video 191 - Katarina and Lana
The last shoot of the day and the girls had already done some videos and were keen for some fun. Lana is the pool cleaner and Katarina the mistress of the house. Lana wears a long skirt and blouse and Katarina's in a nightdress. We said "no script - just have fun and make it up as you go along" - and they did! We even left in the camera crew applause at the end. (9 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 192 - Jasmin
Jasmin is back, with those enticing eyes. She soaks a cream skirt suit and purple blouse in the pool - in the way only she can do it. Lovely! (10.5 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 193 - Emma Morgan
This update is unusual for Styx. It shows video footage of Emma Morgan, who featured in the iconic "Blue Jean Baby" wetlook set in Splosh magazine. Possibly some of the most pirated images in the wetlook community over the last 15 years. In this movie Emma doesn't wear jeans but black shoes, white ankle socks, black and white mini skirt and matching top. Filmed by David Wilkey, at the Phoenix Wet Day some years ago, and kindly supplied to us for use on this site. We hope you enjoy this taste of "retro wetlook". The original footage was shot in analogue, so digitising has caused some quality loss, but we hope the interest factor will outweigh this for you. Possible collector's item. (16 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 194 - Lisa
Back to the "River Styx" for a video shoot of Lisa. She soaks her office suit and white blouse in the river, playing and falling into the water. Soaked stockings, suspenders and blue panties too in this very wet shoot. (10 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 195 - Diana
Take one beautiful woman. Add a black business suit, dark stockings and a crips white blouse. Now add plenty of water, start the video and enjoy. It's Diana taking a soaking and enjoying it too! (8.5 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 196 - Hayley
Back to one of our regular pools, for a video of Hayley. She's dressed in a long, split black dress and pink cardigan for a swim in the pool. And it's followed by a soapy shower and rinse too. (13 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 197 - Lana Cox
An early shoot of Lana in the "Styx River" that's surfaced from the archives. Lana is wearing a full length sleeveless grey dress and a fur jacket. She soaks the entire outfit, then removes the jacket and swims around in the dress. (8.5 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 198 - Baillie and Candy
It started with a bit of fun, but Baillie decides to push Candy into the pool - fully dressed in her satin shirt and knee-length skirt. So, Candy pulls in Baille - wearing a long red skirt and white blouse. Very wet and boisterous - but all friends at the end. (bad soundtrack - sorry) (8.5 minutes)

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SAMPLE Video 199 - Diana
Diana braves the cold seas around England. She soaks a long white skirt and red long-sleeved top on a quiet beach - and enjoys the wet, clinging material. (7 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 200 - Natalie
Natalie is back in the shower, and as naughty as ever. She wants to soak her pink blouse and knee-length skirt under the shower, and roll around in the water. And she wants to show you her soaked knicks too. (9 minutes)
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