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SAMPLE Video 121 - Christine
Well you've seen new girl, Christine, out in the rain, now she makes a splash in the pool. Wearing a long blue evening dress, shawl and heels, Christine has a lovely expression of innocent fun on her face the whole time she soaks her slinky outfit. Being tall and slim, Christine really suits this dress...but it looks just so much better when wet! Some really good wet hair shots in this movie. (12 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 122 - Liz B
Poor LizB is laying in bed on a hot night, feeling really uncomfortable, so she hits on the idea of running a nice cool bath. Not bothering to remove her red satin pyjamas, Liz enjoys a cool and refreshing soak, before returning to bed totally sodden. As we all know, it's so much easier to get to sleep when you're wet and cool. (11 minutes)

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SAMPLE Video 123 - Natalie
Naughty Natalie is back! Another girl who always starts the day so neat and tidy but usually ends up wet or messed. Wearing a tiny pink micro mini and matching top, plus white panties (you'll see lots of them) she plays in the rain and wet grass before larking about in the pool. (9.5 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 124 - Jessie
Another beach video with Jessie, wearing a long-sleeved dark blue blouse and short white skirt. As the tide comes in, the waves lap against her skirt. She sits in the water and lets it splash all over her shirt and hair. As she rolls in the surf, we get glimpses of pale blue soaked panties. (9 minutes)

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SAMPLE Video 125 - Koko
We welcome brand new wet girl Koko on her wet debut. This young lady is so bright, bubbly and full of fun! Wearing a pair a brown denim jeans and a white top that goes totally transparent when wet...Oh, and a whole bottle of shampoo too! (11 minutes)

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SAMPLE Video 126 - Naomi K
Naomi watched some of the other girls play on the rope swing and decided she'd have a go too. Wearing a mid-length pinstripe skirt, dark seamed stockings and a short-sleeved light blue blouse - she first plays in the shallows and then leaps into the pool. (8.5 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 127 - Lana Cox
Even great models have to do shopping and Lana is no exception. She returns, fully laden with bags, thinking that a relaxing bath would feel great. She decides there's no need to remove her clothes, and soaks and soaps her pink sweater, short skirt and boots. (Watch for the surprise appearance of Kev's head! - LOL) (13.5 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 128 - Baillie
It was a hot day on the indoor pool shoot and Baillee takes little time to cool down in the pool. Wearing a silver top and grey mid-length skirt, she soon ends up with them clinging to her. She plays in and on and under the water and shows her black underwear too, with plenty of underwater sequences. (13 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 129 - April
She was supposed to go out this evening. Having a drink by the pool, she decided a dip in the pool would be preferable to her arranged plans. Wearing a long blue skirt and lilac cardigan, April first runs water on her clothes and then slips into the pool. (11 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 130 - Sammie
Boy, doesn't black satin attract the heat of the Spanish sun? That's what Sammie found. Luckily for her there was a pool close by in which she could cool off!! Normally you'd take your clothes of for a dip... but it's good for us Sammie keeps hers on. (12.5 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 131 - Liz B
The return of a pouting LizB in her posh red cocktail dress is most welcome, we're sure you will agree. Torn between going out clubbing or having a fully clothed swim, Liz ponders the question as she slowly walks down the steps. Well, it's a no brainer... the pool wins!! (9 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 132 - Louise
Louise is wearing a short black mini, ribbed short-sleeved thin sweater and knee length boots. You can tell how much getting wet in her clothes is fun for Louise - and it seems to turn her on too and she really gets into this video shoot. (11.5 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 133 - June
It was only supposed to be a bit of fun - could she float around on that little raft and not get wet? After all, June was dressed for an evening out - in a tight black blouse over a short burgundy dress. She had no intention of getting her clothes wet. Or did she? Anyway, there's no chance she's going to stay dry is there?? (10.5 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 134 - Tracie
Tracie is dressed in her riding gear. It's a hot day and her horse needs a wash. But why should the horse have all the fun? Tracey quickly loses interest in getting the horse wet and leaves it roam into the field. Now she can enjoy filling her boots all the fun of her clinging, soaked riding gear. (9 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 135 - Tammy
A welcome return of Tammy, who we haven't seen for a while, but you will be seeing a LOT of in the future. White jeans and T, plus denim boots get a good soaking in the pool, add to that the cutest smile you're likely to see in any pool. Well, how can you resist? (7.5 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 136 - Tiffany
A brand new girl for Styx, Tiffany, gets her first ever soaking. Dressed up in proper office gear, complete with spectacles. Did you ever wondered if that cute little blonde who works in YOUR office would jump into a bath of water fully clothed? Well this one would. (9 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 137 - Natalia
A wet and warm welcome to new girl Natalia, who make her first ever Styx appearance wearing blue jeans, white top that goes totally see through and calf length boots. We hope you like her and want to see more in the future. (9.5 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 138 - Tee
Our delightful smiling girl from Laos is back. This time we get her to play on our outdoor slide. And we put a nice cool pool of water at the end of it, so that she soaks her short purple skirt and sleeveless pink oriental top. She makes sure she's soaked by tipping buckets of water over her own head and black hair. (10.5 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 139 - Jessie
Before using the hot tub later, Jessie decides to ensure it's warm enough - and then manages to drop her house key into it. After several efforts, she decides the best thing is to get in there and find it. Her stockings will get wet, but can she keep her knee length red pleated skirt and silver-white blouse dry? I doubt it! (10 minutes)
SAMPLE Video 140 - Candy
Candy is wearing the shortest flared white skirt that you could imagine, plus a thin white vest top and no bra. We bet you won't be surprised how clinging and see-through that outfit goes when she gets into the pool on her first video shoot for the site. (7 minutes)
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