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Video 041 - April
An unusual outfit that we chose for its cling. You decide - did we choose right? This is the first time that April has ever got wet in her clothes and I think she enjoyed it too. (12 minutes)
Video 042 - Melody
Watch carefully now - very nice car in this video. Oh and Melody's there too, giving it a very thorough clean with lots of soap and the hose. Both the car and Melody end up very soapy and wet. Anyone taking notice of the car? (9 minutes)

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Video 043 - Lucy-Zara
Waiting for someone to meet her, Lucy-Zara succumbs to the cool pool on a hot summer day. She gradually soaks her legs and then the dress. Finally, she can't resist any longer and leaps into the pool soaking her suit. (14 minutes)

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Video 044 - Sophia
In her first video for Styx, Sophia shows how see though a pair of white trousers will go when she swims in them - and then shows off and soaps under the shower. (15 minutes)
Video 045 - Rosaleen, Harmony & April
Rosaleen and Harmony bunk off class from their posh school and decide to enjoy a bottle of lemonade each, and then they get discovered. A great fun shoot, featuring a sprinkler, lots of water, a schoolteacher, a water slide and paddling pool. (11 minutes)
Video 046 - Katarina
On a really hot summer day, buxom Katarina finds a shower and a pool that's too tempting to resist. After cooling her feet, legs and her face in the shower - the pool is the only place left to go to cool off. So, in she goes - wearing her red suit, braless top, bag and a broad smile! (21 minutes)

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Video 047 - Pippa
Pippa didn't come along to do a wet shoot- only to keep Diana company. Despite that we convinced her to get into the bath fully clothed- in the outfit she arrived in (jeans and sweater). Pippa thoroughly enjoyed her impromptu soaking and maybe will be returning again at some stage in the future. (17 minutes)
Video 048 - Charisma
Charisma enjoys a nice soaking in the river, wearing a dark pin-striped suit, blue blouse, bra, stockings and high heels. Even though she had a great time in the river Charisma never let go of her handbag for a moment - well you never know who's hanging around on riverbanks, do you? (11 minutes)
Video 049 - Natalie
Naughty Natalie gets bored in the garden and this leads to all sorts of mischief. She proves that she's not just naughty, but a dirty girl too! She ruins her lovely white outfit and brand new boots by crushing damsons into then and then rolls around in the dirt. A quick dip in the stream doesn't clean them up, so she has to have a hot shower. As usual, plenty of white knicker shots. It just shows that Natalie gets into lots of trouble when she doesn't have someone to play with...any volunteers? (19 minutes)
Video 050 - Sally
In her first shoot for Styx, Sally is wearing a blue denim shirt and low denim jeans. She shows how blue denim changes colour and shines in the pool - and also how difficult it is to get on (and stay on) an inflatable dolphin! (16 minutes)
Video 051 - Lana and Sarah
Sarah and Lana are in the garden after the wedding reception, sheltering during a brief rain shower. The girls have to walk across the wet grass and Sarah teases Lana about getting her shoes and dress wet. Sarah then tries to encourage Lana into the pool. (19 minutes)
Video 052 - Rosaleen
Wearing a micro skirt, red top and red boots - Rosaleen Young shows how athletic, supple and sensuous she is. Watch out for some great dives into the pool, boots full of water, the clinging red top and wet knickers shots. Oops, nearly forgot to mention the soapy shower at the end! (15 minutes)
Video 053 - Gabriella
Pretty rehead, Gabriella, makes her movie debut for Styx wearing a smart, double breasted skirt suit in blue, turtle neck sweater, stockings and shoes. After an initial slow wetting she really goes for it, swimming and dunking in the pool. (14 minutes)

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Video 054 - Jo May
The return of the ever popular Jo, wearing an extremely slinky electric blue evening dress and expensive jacket with red lining. The skirt is split high on the thigh to reveal fantastic bare legs and the whole thing is finished off with high heeled sandals. Yet another movie that proves Jo is a real waterbabe- she just loves it- and it shows! (14 minutes)
Video 055 - Sarah Jayne
In the first of the shoots done in a hot tub showroom, Sarah Jayne glides in and out of the tub wearing just a satin nightdress and panties. It's her first shoot for Styx and probably won't be the last as, being a dancer, she moves so well and enjoys teasing. (10 minutes)

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Video 056 - Marianne
In her Styx debut, Marianne discovers the fun of getting wet in her clothes as she fills her bag with water and soaks her beige suit and purple shiny blouse. She can't wait any longer and just steps into the pool and swims. (16 minutes)

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Video 057 - Jasmine
Jasmine returns, this time in a her movie debut for Styx. Wearing a satin blouse and long skirt, Jasmine has a sexy soaking in the pool. The split in the skirt allows some fantastic "billowing" shots and the clingy satin blouse soon reveals that Jasmine isn't wearing a bra! (14 minutes)

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Video 058 - Sarah G
Busty and bubbly Sarah warms up in the hot tub, wearing lilac trousers and matching top. The trousers go almost transparent, revealing black panties beneath. Sarah's top goes pretty transparent too, revealing....well, you'll see. (14 minutes)

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Video 059 - Melody
Melody is dressed in a business suit with trousers, standing beside the river she checks her watch and decides she has plenty of time to get soaked before returning to work. She slowly soaks her suit, repeatedly dunking and standing to show it of to great effect. She slips her jacket from her shoulders to allow a glimpse of her now transparent blouse and her black bra beneath. (22 minutes)
Video 060 - Louise
This was Louise's first ever wet shoot. The scene involves some beautifully slow initial wetting - like she was spraying paint. This is followed by Louise soaping her clothes in the most sensuous way imaginable. Louise then lies down in the soapy water, allowing the warm water from the shower to run all across her white blouse and red skirt. (22 minutes)
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